Mastering Mountains

Mastering Mountains

Posted on 7th Jun 2016

As a kid, Nick had a map of Mt Everest pinned to the ceiling above his bed. He would fall asleep staring at that map, imagining himself exploring the mountain’s many routes, and dreaming of what his climbing future might hold. In time, climbing Everest became his life’s ambition and greatest passion.

“Spurred on by the accounts of others, and supported by my family, I began pursuing my dream to climb mountains. I was determined to reach Everest – and my mind often darted back to that poster above my bed. It was a goal that I believed was achievable,” says Nick.

That dream was all but stamped out shortly after Nick turned 21.

“One day, I unexpectedly found myself extraordinarily weak, fatigued and unwell. Days stretched into years, and I could not get on top of my health,” he recalls.

Nick stopped tramping and climbing through a seemingly endless series of defeats. He became increasingly incapacitated and found this progression incredibly hard, especially as it isolated him from the outdoors. Eventually he began to think that he would never again be able to access the mountains, leaving him completely devastated.