Right from our very first pack, we’ve been driven by our passion for the outdoors. We’ve got the world’s best adventure playground in our backyard, and we make the most of it. Our story has its roots in Christchurch back in 1973. Guided by a vision to design packs that could stand up to New Zealand’s alpine conditions, we became pioneers in our field.

Over 40 years and countless adventures later, our team has grown – but that spirit of innovation and pioneering remains, inspiring us as we develop cutting-edge gear that accompanies explorers all around the world. At the core of our design process is durability – our ethos is that sustainability starts with quality products that work. Our packs are world-renowned, and our down expertise is unrivalled in australasia, honed from generations of experience engineering sleeping bags and jackets for sub-zero conditions in the world’s harshest environments.

We’re proud to have a culture of innovation at Macpac – our people are passionate, experienced outdoor enthusiasts who test our gear every day, in the ultimate adventure test lab – New Zealand. Let us share our expertise to help you get the best out of your journey. Whatever your adventure!