Aztec Zip Pouch s Marmelade OS

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The Macpac Aztec Zip Pouch is a versatile storage bag made of durable Eco AzTec. The contents remain clean and optimally protected against getting wet or dirty. Ideal as a compact toiletry bag, storage bag for the cables of your telephone, iPad or GPS or to use as a storage bag during a world trip.

About Aztec:

Aztec® fabrics have evolved to match the demanding New Zealand and Australian environments and are at the heart of MACPAC's formidable reputation for rugged, weatherproof packages.

Aztec® fabrics are constructed from a unique blend of hard wearing, long base heretics and abrasion and rot resistant polyester fibers. These fibers are combined to create yarns that are tightly woven into a durable cloth. Different yarns are used to create each type of Aztec® fabric which gives them unique properties. The cloth is saturated in a mix of resins and waxes to create a weather-resistant fabric. In wet conditions, the natural swelling of the cotton fibers fills air spaces o

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